Vegan Londoners Can Now Tuck Into a Bacon and Avocado Breakfast Bagel on Their Commute

By Shabana Arif on at

Abokado has launched the UK's first vegan bacon and avocado bagel, but unless you live in London, you'll miss out on the convenience of popping into a store to grab on, or getting it delivered straight to your door.

Happily, it's something you should be able to throw together at home, given that it uses THIS Isn't Bacon Rashers which you can buy online from Ocado. The bagel is available in all 21 of the restaurant's London branches, which is the only city you'll find it in anyway. The addition to the menu comes off the back of the successful introduction of its vegan katsu curry dishes, containing THIS isn't Chicken, which soon became the chain's second best-selling item.

"Never before has a vegan dish hit number two in our bestsellers across the entire menu range. It is truly unprecedented and shows not only a definite and lasting change in eating habits but also the popularity of this game-changing vegan product," said Abokado MD, Kara Alderin. "As plant-based eating grows we are confident that our new vegan and avo bacon breakfast bagels will rival our current best-selling bacon alternative in our stores. It’s a super product for our customers, and we look forward to continuing to grow this category.”

The vegan breakfast bagel is available to order up until 11am for £3.29 and it looks pretty tasty. What sounds better than bacon rashers that aren't going to have those horrendous stringy bits of fat trying to ruin everything? And who doesn't love avocado? I'm very jealous of Londoners right now.