Aldi Releases Vegan Ready Meals for Veganuary

By Holly Brockwell on at

Are you interested in going vegan, but also quite lazy? Well, Aldi has you covered with its new range of vegan ready meals, available in stores from today.

Jumping on the bandwagon alongside Greggs, KFC and many other food purveyors, Aldi actually has a whole range of vegan stuff on the way, including a 99p sausage roll. Said roll comes in a choice of No Pork or BBQ Jackfruit flavours, although we'd argue that "no pork" isn't really a flavour.

The ready meals come in a choice of fresh or frozen, with the former including Three Bean Chilli and Mushroom Bolognese, £2.49 each, and frozen choices including Smoky BBQ Jackfruit, Red Pepper & Mango Curry and Yellow Thai Curry at £1.99.

There are sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, sausages, even chocolate-flavoured desserts.

Image: @princess_bubblegump on Instagram

According to the Metro, there's even fishless tuna with the hilarious name of TUNO:

For lunch, those looking to replace the classic tuna and cucumber sandwich can try the Loma Lind Fishless Tuna, TUNO (£1.19 per can). It’s made from textured soy protein, which tastes of seaweed powder and vegan fish flavouring, and is available in mayonnaise or spring water.

"Tastes of seaweed powder and fish flavouring." Mmm, appetising.

The new products are in store from today and will be available until March.