Apple's iPhone XR Won't Play Nice With O2

By Gavin Whenman on at

If you're an iPhone XR user on O2 and your connection has been squiffy lately, it's not just you: Apple and O2 have confirmed the smartphone isn't working properly on Britain's second most popular mobile network.

Since at least NovemberO2 customers on Twitter have reported their iPhone XRs have been completely losing signal several times a day, with many unable to make calls, send texts or get a reliable 4G connection - i.e. use their phones the way they were intended.

It's not clear how many users are affected by the issue and the best advice O2 has for its customers is taken straight from The IT Crowd: turn it off and then on again, although even this will only solve the problem temporarily.

"We're working closely with our partners to resolve an intermittent issue affecting some of our customers using iPhone XR," an O2 spokesperson corporately blandspoke by way of explanation. "We thank any customers affected for their patience."

Apple meanwhile promised the issue would be fixed in a software update, which chimes with (unconfirmed) claims on Twitter that the problem was caused by a recent iOS update.

O2 and Apple are telling customers seeking answers on Twitter to direct message them and it's worth remembering that under the Consumer Rights Act, customers have fairly extensive rights to demand companies make good their faulty products and software and give you a refund if they cannot. One user who spoke to the BBC about the issue was given a month's free line rental as compensation and a MacRumors reader nabbed a free upgrade from Apple to the iPhone 11 plus a £20 refund, so it sounds like it's worth your wallet kicking up a fuss. [BBC via MacRumors]