Aston Martin Abandons Production of Full Electric Rapide

By Gary Cutlack on at

Or the Aston Martin Rapide E to give it its proper attribution, what was to be the carmaker's first entry into the EV market. Production is said to have been cancelled, due to Aston's financial woes and a need to get all (Welsh) hands to the machines to churn out an SUV to save the day.

This rumour comes via Autocar, which says the Rapide E – considered production ready back in April – will now stay as a concept only, with the work done on electrifying the drivetrain becoming a research project to base future EV decisions upon. The plan was only to build 155 of them anyway, and Aston was criticised for taking the easy option of electrifying an existing car rather than magicking up a bespoke EV, so it won't be hugely missed.

Rowan Atkinson will have to find something else to put on the plinth he had earmarked for one. [Autocar]