BA Starts Offsetting Carbon From All UK Domestic Flights

By Gary Cutlack on at

Anyone mad enough to take an internal BA flight yesterday may proudly tweet about it today without shame, as the airline is celebrating 2020 by beginning to offset all carbon generated by internal flights.

It's not planting trees around Heathrow or making staff get their hands dirty on tree-planting bonding days out in Scotland, as the company is instead investing in "verified carbon reduction projects" offered by others. This basically means BA's bunging a few pounds or perhaps mere pence per passenger into funding renewable energy investments and reforestation schemes, which is extremely indirect but may, perhaps, do a small something, as long as the fencing's strong enough to keep the deer/goats [delete as geographically applicable] from eating the buds off the saplings.

To its credit, BA is not really pretending this is going to have much of an effect, with chief exec Alex Cruz saying: "...offsetting emissions on all flights within the UK is just one step that we are adopting to reduce our environmental impact while more solutions to decarbonise are found," which is like saying it's not his fault he's a boss within a massively polluting industry and can't Google invent a new magnetic-propulsion aeroplane to get him out of this hole before the 2050 net-zero deadline hits? [BA]