Batwoman and Harley Quinn are Coming to E4 in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month, while Crisis on Infinite Earths was kicking off its first three episodes a problem arose for anyone that was planning to watch the crossover (legally) in the UK. Namely that Sky had the rights to every participating series except Batwoman, which didn't have a home. Well there is some news to share, because it turns out E4 is on a rights-buying streak, and will bringing Batwoman to the UK alongside the new animated Harley Quinn series.

There are zero details on when either series is set to premiere on E4, with the channel only confirming that they will be arriving sometime in 2020. That's a little bit unhelpful, but there we go. There's also no official word on how Batwoman being on a separate channel to the rest of the Arrowverse series will affect Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Last we heard Sky confirmed it didn't have the rights to the Batwoman episode because it didn't have the rights to Batwoman. A few unsubstantiated rumours from random forums and other unreliable places that let just about anyone type out whatever bullshit they like said Sky was trying to get the rights to the single episode, but the official line is that Sky will be showing every Crisis episode except the Batwoman one.

I've asked E4 what's happening, but haven't heard back yet, meaning for now we can only assume that Crisis episode 2 will be shown on E4 out of context, and several weeks or months after the rest of the crossover airs on Sky One. So, in other words, the die-hard Arrowverse fans will no doubt resort to piracy to get the whole story.

E4 is really on a roll with its US TV acquisitions of late to. The broadcaster just announced it will also be airing Supernatural's 14th season later this year (even though the US are halfway through the 15th, but whatever), and has previously announced it has picked up the TV broadcasting rights to Star Trek: Discovery and Rick and Morty here in the UK.

And of course you know what that means? You get to watch all the new episodes on All 4, because you're never in when they're broadcast live. Fun, right?