Behold: Game of Thrones' Worst Season 8 Moments Reenacted With Puppets

By Eleanor Fye on at

Game of Thrones’ final season was kind of a mess. There may have been a few standout moments, but it mostly fell flat with disappointing stories, bizarre character turns that weren’t supported by previous seasons, and the most expensive battle scene of all time...that no one at home could actually see.

What went wrong with Game of Thrones is still a sore point for many fans, so we thought: Why not combine something a lot of people hated (GoT season eight) with something everyone probably tolerates (puppets)?

Sadly HBO did not hand us $90 million to totally screw up one of the most beloved series of all time with our inexperience and ineptitude. Instead, we had a few quid's worth of craft supplies, some old socks, and a can-do attitude. Enjoy the results.