Big Ben May Not Bong for Brexit After All

By Gary Cutlack on at

A handful of men bearing quite a resemblance to Jeremy Clarkson and wrapped in union flags may be disappointed this Brexit Eve, as no one has yet organised the Big Ben bell to be donged out to mark the UK's departure from the European Union – in a rare case of something that was promised not being delivered.

Big Ben has only bonged occasionally this last few years as its tower is undergoing renovation, and any bong reactivation plan needs to be submitted via the form of an official request to have it made ready placed with the House of Commons Commission. This has not happened, so pro-Brexit politicians are hurrying to have the position changed, so the momentous divorce may be marked.

SNP MP Patrick Grady thinks the bell should stay quiet, as a fair percentage of the population – we forget the exact number – won't be in the mood to celebrate. Grady said: "Stopping the expensive restoration work to chime the bells will add to the cost of the overall programme – and many who would hear the bells might not hear celebrations, but be asking for whom the bell tolls." [Sky News]