Twitter Reacts to New York Magazine Calling Sausage Rolls 'Pigs in Blankets'

By Shabana Arif on at

What is it with Americans and their ability for consistently pissing the rest of the world off? Today's offence may be the worst of all and has set back UK/US relations more than the recent Huawei furore.

Once again demonstrating that they know nothing about the food they're co-opting from other countries, and not even taking the time to at least get the names right, the latest slight comes courtesy of New York Magazine on Twitter, calling sausage rolls pigs in blankets. It's gone so far as to call them a "national treasure" that's perfect for Super Bowl parties - you know, where yanks gather to watch 'football'. It's shit rugby for people who don't want cauliflower ears!

The tweet has obviously lead to an outcry from British Twitter, all of whom appear to be chiming in to say the same thing: they're sausage rolls, you absolute plonkers. Because even if someone else has tweeted it already, you should still also chime in with the exact same message, just in case it was missed the first 500 times. Twitter logic. Amongst the steam of identical tweets are a few funny ones that are sure to give the social media manager over at NY Mag a bit of a break, and maybe even a chuckle. We liked them anyway, and we've rounded up them up for your perusal below.

Having already claimed to have invented the Yorkshire Pudding and the sausage roll (which Trader Joe's dubbed the 'puff dog'), we can't wait for some bright spark over there to announce their creation of the Cornish Pasty. It's only a matter of time. [Twitter via Metro]

Feature image credit: Lauri Patterson/Getty Images/iStockphoto