Cadbury is Flogging Tins of Your Favourite Chocolate Eggs Three Whole Months Before Easter

By Shabana Arif on at

Easter may not be until April, but that hasn't stopped Cadbury making its preparations for the big day.

The chocolatier is currently selling tins of Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs on its website for £6 a pop, although both are already sold out. Luckily, they'll be back in stock tomorrow, January 14, by the looks of things, so you can bulk buy your tins to avoid having to replenish your Easter stash once you accidentally on purpose eat a couple. And you will.

The 319g tin of Mini Eggs and 409g tin of Creme Eggs are also being sold over at Tesco for just a fiver each. And what's more, both look like they're in stock, so if you absolutely can't wait, head over there to get your Mini Eggs and Creme Egg fix.

You'll find eight full-size Creme Eggs and one bag of mini Creme Eggs in the Creme Egg tin (obviously), and 10 bags of regular-sized Mini Eggs in the Mini Egg tin. The cost would be cheaper if you just went and grabbed the same amount of loose bags, but then you wouldn't have a snazzy little tin to use afterwards. For what? Who knows. It'll probably just sit in a kitchen cupboard taking up space because you refuse to throw it away "in case we need it." You won't. [Metro]