Cardiff Joins Urban War on Cars With £2 Congestion Charge Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

Members of Cardiff council are pushing a plan to introduce a congestion charge to the city, with the current concept looking at introducing a £2 fee on non-residents driving into the city to fund various public travel and environmental enhancements.

And also to meet clean air targets of course. The council is banging out its plan using the sci-fi hashtag #CardiffTransport2030, which reveals that any future congestion charge would be accompanied by park & ride schemes to make it easier for workers to get into the centre, and also says the £2 fee is deliberately set at the low end of the monetary scale in order to replicate the carrier bag charge; enough of a cost to be a trigger to change habits, rather than one designed to be onerous.

Councillor Caro Wild said that "major improvements to public transport" would have to hit first too, which currently involve the creation of a new circular bus route and an ambition to cut all fares to a round £1. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia