CES 2020: Every Sex Tech Company at CES This Year

By Tegan Jones on at

This time last year CES was shrouded in controversy after sex tech company Lora DiCarlo won an innovation award for its Osé personal massager - an award which was subsequently revoked by the Consumer Technology Association.

Not only was the award reinstated later, the incident resulted in a fundamental shift in the way sexual health and wellness is treated at CES. Not only is it welcome, it is celebrated.

This year there are nine sex tech companies proudly showing off their products.

These companies are showcasing under the 'health and wellness' category and are eligible for all subsequent awards, so long as the products demonstrate innovation in the area.

Here's a list of all of them.

Lora DiCarlo

At the helm of the sexual health revolution at CES is Lora DiCarlo, who lobbied for the inclusion of sex tech companies this year.

Not only is she back with the Osé (which uses micro-robotics to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously) but also two new products - the Onda and Baci. Basically, these split the functionality of the Osé, with one taking care of the G-spot and the other the clitoris.

Morari Medical

This company has created an external patch to help treat premature ejaculation. It is currently prototyping reusable and single-use versions.

Morari Medical is passionate about normalising the conversation around the topic and helping to create better alternatives for men than current medication and solutions.

The patch doesn't have a name yet, but we're calling it a 'taint plaster'.


Pulse has created a Warming Dispenser for oils and lubcricants.

The device was envisioned by CEO Amy Buckalter who noticed a distinct lack of lush lube options as she approached menopause.

The dispenser allow for an experience that can help dryness, discomfort, and pain and also eliminates the need to deal with sticky bottles.


This company focuses on making adaptable vibrators that can be bent and personalised for anyone. MysteryVibe also take mobility and body inclusivity into consideration.

MysteryVibe's Bendable Smart Vibrator can be used to stimulate the G-spot, clitoral, penis & perineum stimulation. It also has app connectivity so a partner can control the vibrator.

The company also has a wearable vibrator for men and bendable bullet vibrator.

XR Brands

This sex toy company has a 'strapless strap on' device that can be inflated after being inserted in order to provide comfort and security. It's also remote controlled.


This company has been rolling into CES since 2011. It originally brought a vibrator that could be synced up to an iPod, but now it has shifted its focus towards smart vibrators that can be controlled via bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

It also has accessibility in mind, releasing the LoveLife Rev which has a larger button and ergonomic design that is easier to grip.


This women-focused company creates travel sized and wearable (some look like very fancy necklaces) vibrators and aims to crate conversations around sex and women's pleasure.

Crave also utilises body-safe materials and sustainable rechargeable power sources for its products.

Come Play Inc.

All the CES website says about this company is, "Our products give people superpowers in bed!"

As much as it would be funny to leave it at that, the company is offering a hands-free vibrator designed for couples.


This German company has been making sex toys and vibrators for over a decade - and they look gorgeous.

This year Satisfyer is debuting its app, which allows haptic programming, motion sensing, mutli-device integration and an interactive platform.

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