CES 2020: Purring Robot Cat Cushion Gets a Tiny Sibling

By Holly Brockwell on at

Emotional support animals aren't yet much of a thing in the UK, which means sadly you can't drag a recalcitrant cat out to the shops with you, yowling and clawing, while you pick up some food for its ungrateful bum.

However, as ever, tech is ready to step in and solve a problem not many people are having, this time in the form of a portable robot cat without a head.

Petit Qoobo is the successor to the existing Qoobo robot cat, which is a circular furry cushion with a tail and not much else. Created for "those with pet allergies and apartment dwellers who can’t own pets," Qoobo wags its tail according to how much fuss you give it, which is surely more of a dog thing. A cat wagging its tail usually means you're about to get slashed across the face, no?

The original Qoobo, made by Yukai Engineering, has proven very popular with older people who can't have pets in their retirement homes, and anyone who wants a comforting presence that doesn't also poo on their pillow (yes, my cat actually does this). So popular, in fact, that people have been requesting a smaller version that they can take out of the house with them, and thus Petit Qoobo was born (not literally).

It's just a prototype at the moment, with release expected this year if the crowdfunding campaign is successful. Hopefully they lengthen the tail a bit before then, it's weirdly stubby and reminds us of that terrifying video of a cat with a shaved tail after surgery (warning: cannot be unseen).

There's no word on pricing yet, and original Qoobo is quite pricey at $149 (about £113). Hopefully Petit Qoobo will be more affordable, and easier to get hold of in the UK for those of us who want to be seen out in the world with a purring, wagging, furry headless thing. You do you. [The Verge]

Main image: Yukai Engineering

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