CES 2020: This Smart Mail Box Will Bust Your Postman Over Failed Delivery Slips When You Were Home

By Tegan Jones on at

We've all been there. You wait at home all day for a package delivery, only to discover that the only thing to grace your doorstep is a "sorry we missed you" failed delivery slip.

Now you can get a smart mail box that not only keeps your packages safe and secure, it will catch anyone who pretends you weren't home when they show up for delivery.

Parcel Guard by U.S. company Dandy is an incredibly extra package delivery system that allows you to keep an eye on anything getting delivered no matter where you are. When a package arrives, it is placed in the unlocked top area. Once the box is closed the package is lowered into the secured bottom section that can't be opened without a code.

It contains and camera and motion sensor, which will alert you when someone has approached the box via the dedicated Parcel Guard app. You'll also be sent a delivery alert when the box identifies a successful delivery via a weight monitor.

It also has an alarm in case someone tries to make off with your shit. Or even the entire unit itself.

If you're still worried, there's an option to have the thing bolted down, or you can simply weight it down with sandbags or similar in the dedicated area.

If a larger parcel is being delivered (that won't fit in the unlocked top section) you can send your delivery person a one-time use code to unlock the larger bottom section for safe delivery and storage.

At the present time Parcel Guard is only available in the U.S. for $399 (around £303) – there's no word on a UK release yet, but we reckon it'd do extremely well. In addition to not having to get stuff delivered to work anymore, it might just reduce the rate of failed delivery slips.

You can see how it works here:

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