Come Shaken, Not Stirred, to Our Spoiler-Laden Doctor Who Premiere Discussion Zone

By James Whitbrook on at

It must be every once in a while in a very long while, every day in a million days when the wind stands fair – because The Doctor has come to call, and she’s brought a brand new season of Doctor Who with her. The explosive season premiere has just wrapped up, so come chat about it with us!

Of course, if you’ve not seen it yet... time to scarper? Time to scarper.

“Spyfall” – or, rather, the first part of it – was Doctor Who going full James Bond... albeit a peculiar mix of Daniel Craig modernism and Roger Moore spy-fi camp, admittedly. But would it really be Doctor Who doing spycraft without a bit of silliness like whizzbang gadgets, Stephen Fry having a silly codename, motorbike chases, and creepy glowing aliens killing off secret agents?

But for all the mystery and intrigue of what The Doctor’s bright new foes are really up to on Earth – and whatever that bizarre, tendril-y forest they can apparently zap people to is – we’ve got to talk about the episode’s stellar cliffhanger. Our titular Time Lord is cut off from her friends as they literally do some hanging themselves, in a plane rapidly spiralling towards a fiery crash landing thanks to the Doctor’s new-old friend, MI6 agent O, played by Sacha Dawan. Except, he’s not really a new-old friend.

Because it turns out O isn’t really O. O’s the Spymaster behind the invading aliens. Or, well. He’s the Spy Master.

He’s back: The Master has returned, and we will obey him! Or at least, cackle with delight that he’s even brought the tissue compression eliminator back. But what’s the Master’s endgame now? What does he remember from his life as Missy – of what he did in the name of The Doctor to sacrifice that life? Is he even an incarnation from after Missy? And what does he mean about The Doctor’s life having been a lie?

We won’t have too long to wait to find out – Doctor Who returns for part two of “Spyfall” this Sunday. For now, let us know what you thought of the premiere and its masterful reveal in the comments below!