Disney+ is Coming to the UK a Week Early, and We Finally Know How Much it Will Cost

By Tom Pritchard on at

Disney+ arrived in the US (and other regions) back in November, while Disney was resigned to making us Brits wait until 31st March if we wanted to subscribe for ourselves. Now, though, Disney has graciously pulled up the release date - but only by a week. Oh and we know how much it will cost.

Disney+ is set to cost us £6 a month, or £60 for a whole year (a price that apparently includes the month free trial). Considering it costs $7 a month and $70 for the year in the US, we're not getting totally screwed in the price either.

Unfortunately there's no word on any special offers available for pre-orderers, as their was in the States, so we'll have to wait and see whether Disney is willing to be that kind to us.

As for the date, we will now be able to start watching from 24th March instead of the previously announced 31st March. It's not a huge difference, to be honest, especially since (as far as we know) there are no big original series arriving around that time. But it is five weeks after the rumoured Clone Wars premiere, so you might want to hold off on the piracy when the first few episodes land.

And finally Brits will be able to watch The Mandalorian... Legally, anyway. [GamesRadar]