E-Scooter Legalisation Would See Them Lumped in With Electric Bikes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's about to open up a consultation that may get electric scooters out of their current quantum entanglement purgatory where they simultaneously exist yet are not allowed to be observed being used anywhere, with the preferred legal change being to pretend they're simply smaller, more wobbly versions of electric bikes.

The key statutory alteration expected by sources speaking to The Times is the introduction of a 15.5mph speed limit to all electric scooters, matching the rules that cover most mainstream electric bikes, along with the introduction of "manufacturing standards" to keep the crappiest of glued-together red plastic models off the roads.

Lumping scooters in with electric bikes would open up access to both cycle lanes and roads, which sounds like the best option. More controversial will be any rules regarding the compulsory wearing of helmets, or age limits, or having them all make a continuous alert sound, or making sure they keep out of the way of 60-something Range Rover drivers who pay their road tax or whatever the politically correct term for it is nowadays, and have much more right to be on the roads.

The full consultation on the law changes is apparently coming in February, and after that's decided any city that wants to open the e-scooter rental floodgates and welcome in many tonnes of disposable Chinese steel and electronics in the name of going green may knock themselves out. [The Times]