eBay's Knocked 20% of Loads of Stuff, But Only From Certain Retailers

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's only just been Boxing Day, Black Friday, and all those other parts of the year where retailers decide to slash a bit of money off their products. Well eBay says to hell with that, it has another sale for you to enjoy - netting you 20 per cent off products from the right retailers.

All you need to do is find the right retailer from the big list, then enter the code PREP2020 during the checkout process. Obviously this is an eBay sale, so there are a bunch of the usual caveats attached. The main, one is, obviously making sure one of the participating retailers has something you want to buy.

You're also only allowed to use the code once, and you have to spend at least £25 to be eligible. The maximum discount you can claim is £100 too, so if you're spending £550, you still only get £100 off the total. Still that's not a small amount of money, especially if you're spending that much on whatever.

You have until 11:59pm on Thursday (9th January) to get your order in as well. Otherwise you're going to pay full price for the lot.

Thankfully this list isn't just random resellers you've never heard of. Some of them are a bit obscure, but you still have the likes of Currys Clearance, Eve and Simba the Mattress companies, Ebuyer, Jabra, HotpointSuperdry, Footasylum, musicMagpie (if CEX is too mainstream for you) and more.