Elon Musk Dances Like Nobody's Watching at Tesla Event in China

By Matt Novak on at

Billionaire tech founder Elon Musk made quite a splash in China today, where he took the stage to show off the Tesla Model 3 that’s made at the company’s new multibillion-dollar plant near Shanghai – the first outside of the US.

The Tesla CEO was so happy, he started to dance. Or, at least we think that’s what this was.

Musk got so wrapped up in the moment that he even shed his jacket when the music, “More Than You Know” by Axwell Ingrosso, got going.

GIF: YouTube/Bloomberg

Oh, hell yes. Get it, Elon.

GIF: YouTube/Bloomberg

Do your thing, Mr Musk.

GIF: YouTube/Bloomberg

Okay, dial it back, bro. This is a family affair.

GIF: YouTube/Bloomberg

That’s probably enough, dude.

Just remember, as long as he’s dancing, he’s not baselessly accusing anyone of being a paedophile. Or running over child-sized signs.

Maybe Musk’s girlfriend Grimes can take him aside and teach him some moves one of these days. For now, he’s continuing a long tradition of tech founders awkwardly dancing at launch events.

Godspeed, you nerds. You bizarre, billionaire nerds.

Featured image: YouTube/Bloomberg