Everything That's Happening at CES 2020

By Gizmodo UK on at

This year's Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swingin Las Vegas. It's one of the busiest weeks for tech media, as it brings with it a whole host of announcements and reveals of new pieces of tech.

Good news for you tech-minded people though: here at Giz we'll be keeping up with all the latest pieces of news from CES 2020, and bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home. To save you scrolling through our homepage to find what's relevant, you'll find everything from CES right here, updated regularly. You can also check out the CES 2020 tag page for a more up-to-date feed.

WTF Is an Artificial Human and Where Did They Come From?

Neon is a living entity, but without a physical body. Neon is computationally created but is not an AI assistant. And Neon wants to be your friend.

The RetroN Jr. Lets You Play All Your Tiny Game Boy Games on Your Giant HDTV

What started out as an April Fool's gag product is becoming a gaming reality, thanks to Hyperkin

E Ink's New Electronic Paper Could Finally Bring Colour to the Kindle

Around 40,000 colours can be recreated using E Ink's new colour display technology, with image loading times of just a few seconds.

This Tablet-Based Streaming Search Engine Gives You Binging Superpowers

I was pretty impressed this CES by Dabby, a tablet-based streaming service search engine and subscription manager.

A Quick Look At Intel's Foldable Laptop Prototype

The thirst for foldable devices is strong.

It's Not CES Without Yet Another Million Fossil Smartwatches

Look, it’s not a tech trade show if you aren’t bombarded with a small army of Fossil smartwatches

What Impossible Pork Tastes Like

It might be better than the real thing.

This Self-Heating Lunchbox Promises to End the Queue for the Office Microwave

And carrying around an electric heater full of boiling hot food sounds totally safe

Foldable Phones and PCs Are Just Tablets

We need to move away from the baggage of the term "tablet" and just call these things what they are.

Cat Updates its Budget Rugged Smartphone

Perfect for builders and Bear Grylls-wannabes.

Ivanka Trump to CES: College is Overrated

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump to the stage at CES to opine on “The Future of Work".

Soon Linksys Wifi Will Be Able to Detect Every Breath You Take

After seeing where the motion-sensing wifi service Linksys Aware is going, we’re convinced it’s going to be a killer feature for the company.

Google Assistant: Now More Helpful Around the House and More Respectful of Privacy

Google is giving Google Assistant some seriously useful smart home upgrades while also teaching it to be less invasive.

Riding Segway's S-Pod Feels Like Zooming Into the Future

It's like a slightly bigger gaming chair, complete with RGB lighting, that you can drive.

Why the Hell Is Ivanka Trump Speaking at CES?

“It is a slap in the face to everyone here who has been harmed here directly, or indirectly by the [Trump] administration.”

Philips Hue Has a Very Welcomed Software Update and 3 New Outdoor Lights

Given the number of new products Hue has been pumping out lately, it’s nice to see Hue add new functionality to its core app

AMD Finally Seems Serious About Laptops

AMD finally has a set of processors that seem like they can compete with Intel’s mobile offerings.

This Portable Peep Hole is an Airbnb Guest's Dream

There are more than enough nightmarish Airbnb stories out there to make this one worth serious consideration.

The PopSockets Wireless Charger Broke My Brain

The PopPower Home is a doughnut-shaped wireless charger that lets you charge without having to ever take off your PopGrip.

The Biggest Problems With Bluetooth Audio Are About to Be Fixed

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is introducing some key upgrades.

Razer Just Made It Ridiculously Easy to Build Your Own Gaming PC

The Razer Tomahawk aims to take a huge chunk of the hassle out of building a PC and make the process practically foolproof.

TV AI Box Dabby Combines All Your Streaming Stuff

By voice or touch.

Meet Samsung's Cute (But Sinister) Ball-Shaped Robot, Ballie

We love you Ballie, please don't hurt us.

OnePlus's Boldest Move is Focusing More on Design Than the Tech

OnePlus is trying to ease camera anxiety while also flexing some of its design chops.

Uber and Hyundai Created a Flying Electric Taxi (That Sort of Looks Like a 1940s Bomber)

It looks like a cross between a rocket and WWII bombers.

Last Year It Was Sex, This Year It's Weed Tech That CES is Censoring

“Is innovation only around what CES defines as electronics innovation? Or is it about what consumers believe innovation is?”

Robot Cat Aims to Replace Human Waiters

Sounds good to us.

You Could Replace All Your Home's Wifi Hardware With This Tiny 5G Router

Netgear’s new Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router could replace all of your home’s wifi equipment.

Purring Robot Cat Cushion Gets a Tiny Sibling

Still doesn't have a face, though.

A Windows Switch Clone and Dual Screen Laptops Are Dell's Next Big Concepts

Shut up and take our money.

SanDisk Crammed a Colossal 8 Terabytes Into This Tiny SSD Drive

It's a bit of a beast, but sadly we don't know how much it's going to cost just yet.

Lenovo Can't Quit Putting E-Ink Screens in Things, and It's Awesome

Lenovo has announced a new ThinkBook with a regular screen up top and an e-ink screen on its lid.

Every Sex Tech Company at CES This Year

CES wants to get freaky with you.

This Smart Mail Box Will Bust Your Postman Over Failed Delivery Slips When You Were Home

Now you can get a smart mail box keeps your packages safe and secure.

There's No Such Thing as Too Many LED Lights

Honestly, what could be more fun than 1,215 customisable LED lights?

Wacom's New 13-Inch Drawing Tablet Gives Android Fans the Apple Pencil Experience

It's the first tablet from the company to support connectivity to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The First Folding PC Is Remarkably Smart

Now I know what you’re saying, aren’t all laptops foldable? Well yes, but not like this they aren’t.

A Bed That Cools and Heats Each Sleeper Separately Will Save Countless Relationships

The new Climate360 smart bed, out in 2021, can heat and cool an entire mattress based on each user’s dozing preferences.

This Beautiful Smartphone Is Like an Affordable Samsung Galaxy S10

TCL's upcoming 10-series phones aim to bring the company's value-minded approach to the smartphone scene.

A Smart Wooden Stick Is Now a Thing That Exists

Just because you can make a new smart gadget doesn't mean you should.

This Company Just Gave Men a Good Reason to Shave Down Below

In one specific, hard-to-see area, which raises a lot of questions.

The Super Retro Champ Plays SNES and Mega Drive Cartridges, Bringing Peace to Retro Gaming

But this walk down memory lane won't come cheap.

Facial Recognition For Stars Lets This Telescope Automatically Find Objects in the Night Sky

Celestron’s new StarSense Explorer telescope promises to make star spotting impossibly easy, using your smartphone’s camera.

Samsung Might Have Just Made the Nicest Chromebook Ever

Samsung's first ever Galaxy-branded Chromebook has super premium components crammed into every corner.

The Beefy Suunto 7 is a Great Reason to be Excited About Wear OS

Unless you’re hardcore into outdoor fitness, you probably haven’t heard of Suunto.

Matrix's Juno Uses Thermoelectrics to Cool Down Even the Hottest Drinks Fast

I’m still not sold on the idea the average person would want this in their homes.

Amazon Fire TV is Coming to Cars Now

BMWs, Fiats, and Chryslers.

Charmin Wants You to Shit Better

And they have some weird ways of going about it.

You Can Now Add Alexa to Your Shower Head for Some Fucking Reason

This is the weirdest Alexa device since last year's Alexa toilet.

Japanese Company Has Created a Harness That Tells You What Mood Your Dog is In

...But if you've ever met a dog, you'll know it's pretty easy to tell what mood they're in.

Samsung Reveals Bezel-Free 8K TV a Little Early

Probably due to the fact that it leaked last week.

Bosch's LCD Car Visor Only Blocks Your View of the Road Where the Sun is in Your Eyes

It’s a clever innovation using technology that at this point is relatively cheap and readily available.

This Smart Tap Should Pour Exactly the Amount of Water You Need at the Perfect Temperature

Basic wrench skills (and a hefty budget) are all that’s needed to bring your kitchen into the 22nd century.

Withings' Latest Smartwatch Doubles Down on Medical Wearables

The ScanWatch can take ECGs and monitor for sleep apnea.

L'Oreal's New Doodad Sounds Like the Supersmart Skincare Gadget I Need

Perso is an AI-powered gadget that dispenses personalised foundation, lipstick, and moisturiser.

Here's What to Expect From CES 2020

If you’ve missed some of the news and rumours leading up to this year’s event, we’ve got you covered.

Segway Makes a Self-Balancing Pushchair for Adults

Segway promised a future with minimal physical exertion, and the new S-Pod personal transporter finally delivers that.

Samsung Just Confirmed the Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite are Real

Liter than the flagships, but by not by much.

OnePlus's Concept Phone Features a Disappearing Rear Camera

Sort of, not disappearing like the pop-up cameras on the 7 Pro.

Looks Like an Alexa-Powered Ring Chime Pro 2 is on the Way

Of course, courtesy of another leak ahead of CES 2020.

Leaked Photos Reveal Samsung's Upcoming Frameless 8K TV

It's a thing of beauty.

The Newest Dell XPS 13 Is a Tiny Laptop That Promises Incredible Battery Life

Dell’s general game plan seems to be giving you more of everything you want, crammed into a body that’s smaller than before.

Poo-Spotting Cameras Could Be This Robovac's Secret Weapon

Lucy, a new robot vacuum from a company called Trifo, could finally put an end to encounters of the turd kind.

Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite Will Be Announced at CES: Report

CES typically isn’t a major show for smartphones, but Samsung might be changing that.

OnePlus Has Announced Its First Concept Phone to Be Unveiled at CES 2020

CES 2020 is set for next month, and OnePlus will be revealing its Concept One.