Facebook and eBay Promise to Try to Make it Look Like They're Battling Fake Reviews

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Competition and Markets Authority has got some vague assurances out of Facebook and eBay that they're going to try to clampdown on the trading of fake reviews on their platforms, with the CMA having in their hands a piece of paper that says both tech businesses will attempt to better "identify, investigate and respond to" fake feedback.

The CMA reminded the pair that fake reviews are illegal under the UK's consumer protection laws, hence a commitment from Facebook to "introduce more robust systems" and a pledge from eBay's people that it'll improve its existing filters. Half a day's work for the tech teams there, and problem solved.

The CMA said it's not accusing the two sites of knowingly hosting fake reviews, but says they have a responsibility to users to better police their platforms, lest they stray into lawless territory. Facebook adds that it has deleted 188 groups apparently instrumental in the spread of fake reviews and deleted 24 accounts, while eBay says it's permanently banned 140 users.

That would've taken the people responsible offline for all of 12 minutes while they create burner email addresses and start again, so well done all. [GOV]