Peperami Tries to be Edgy by Offering Free Meat Tubes Outside Popular Vegan Hangouts

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the last day of Veganuary, that pretend month-long holiday where some people will try to go vegan and see how long they can last without eating meat, cheese, or something else like that. Obviously the hope is some people will find that it's super easy, and adopt the vegan lifestyle full time, or at least until the call for ice cream becomes unavoidable.

And to commemorate the last day of Veganuary, Peperami, which has decided it's going to be cool and edgy by offering up its free meat tubes outside some popular vegan hangouts. You know, to try and tempt them back.

Peperami's press release is quoting some research that claims 25% of vegans and vegetarians secretly miss the taste of meat, while a third are quite fond of the smell. So it's doing what I could only describe as a ploy only a teenager would think is clever, and hitting up some nameless vegan watering holes with the offer of free whatever the hell a Peperami is supposed to be. Salami, apparently.

Unfortunately it doesn't say where the Peperami van will be, presumably to stop meat-eaters from swarming down to pick up a quick snack. So if you know any vegan places, you might want to have a quick look.

Also for those of you who are desperately waiting for Veganuary to be over, so you can go back to guzzling down whatever you like, this might be worth looking out for. Then again, I can't see many vegans turning back thanks to Peperami. As one of our sub-editors just said, the thing looks and tastes like a dog treat.