Freed Terrorists to Undergo Comedy of Lie Detector Tests

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's counter-terrorism forces are about to outsource some of their investigations to the untrusted world of the lie detector, with a forthcoming rethink of the way those suspected of terrorism are treated said to include the use of polygraph machines.

Incredibly, the plan might see a convicted terrorist who's been freed on licence asked by a serious man in a uniform if they're currently planning on unleashing any new terror attacks while wired to one of the machines ITV put on eBay when they binned off Jeremy Kyle. If the lie detector has any suspicions they would face further investigation.

The law changes are contained within the The Counter Terrorism (Sentencing and Release) Bill, which includes a vote-winning demand that literal terrorists are refused early release until they've served at least two-thirds of their sentence, rather than the more common half-for-being-good let-out that most criminals get. [Sky News]