Giffgaff Overhauls its Sim-Only Deals Including the Super Cheap Ones

By Shabana Arif on at

It's a new year with new customers to lure in, and giffgaff is going all out by refreshing a handful of its goodybags.

The SIM-only deals have been given the once over, so that all of them - specifically the £6 and £8 options - will give customers unlimited minutes and texts. You may notice that the website hasn't been updated to reflect the changes, with the £6 goodybag currently sitting at 300 minutes and 500 texts per month, and the £8 goodybag showing 500 minutes and unlimited texts, but that's because you'll have to wait until Wednesday, February 26, for the changes to come into effect. I'm sure you'll keep that in mind for an entire month and not forget as you go about the business of living your life.

Along with this extremely preemptive announcement is the news that the £20 goodybag and £25 'Always On' goodybag will also be getting a rejig. The £20 option usually comes with 40GB data, but this is getting double to 80GB, alongside the unlimited minutes and texts. Meanwhile the £25 option is getting the same treatment, being bumped up from 40GB to 80GB at full speed. (Once that 80GB is used up, 'Always On' customers will get reduced data speeds.)

That's not the only thing giffgaff is doubling. Starting from February, the cost of texts and MMS rates outside of the goodybags will be doubling – going up from 5p to 10p, and 16p to 30p respectively. Call costs will be increasing from 15p per minute to 25p.

"We are pleased to announce the refresh of our £6, £8, £20 and £25 ‘Always On’ goodybags as at giffgaff, we are always looking to provide the best choice for our members," said David Caton, Head of Propositions. "True to our motto of mutual giving, we hope that the new added value to the current goodybags will provide both existing and future members an extra happy start to the year.”

Not so happy if you don't sign up for a goodybag, but then what the hell are you even doing with giffgaff otherwise?