Government Puts £3.4m into Wireless Electric Taxi Charging Scheme

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nottingham City Council, the government's Future of Transport department and a basket of companies all with an oar in the future of electric mobility are preparing a wireless charging scheme in Nottingham, where a small fleet of taxis will be kitted out with wireless charge units for six months to see if it makes EVs more palatable to pro drivers.

Taxis are ideal for this sort of thing, the clever people say, as they can power up in short bursts while lingering about ranks looking for trade. Regular trickle top-ups are better for battery health too, plus the clever people say that being chained with a fat blue or orange tube to a charge point the traditional EV way takes a taxi out of circulation and reduces the driver's earning power.

Hence £3.4m to install the induction pads and onboard adaptors necessary for wireless charging to 10 Nissan and LEVC vehicles in the city, then lease the council-owned cars out to drivers, letting all the clever people say they're contributing to cleaner air in a teeny tiny way. For six months. In a bit of Nottingham. Well done, but don't expect a retweet from Greta.

A spokesperson for Nottingham is excited and took the liberty of saying that all of Nottingham is excited too, as if he or she has personally surveyed all 300,000 inhabitants about it, and said: "Nottingham is excited to host the trial of this new type of innovative charging technology, keeping us ahead of the pack, and helping to promote cleaner taxis in our city and potentially take us a further step forward towards our goal of being carbon neutral by 2028." [GOV]