Greggs Vegan Doughnut is Now a Thing, Available Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Late last month we heard news that Greggs would be releasing the vegan steak bake (which has already arrived) alongside what was rumoured to be a vegan glazed doughnut. Now it's been confirmed that the animal-free doughnut is, in fact, real, and you can go out and buy one now.

It's only the glazed ring doughnut that's vegan, and it seems to have replaced a non-vegan variety that was available before - news that Piers Morgan will no doubt be thrilled about as he projectile vomits on live television. The only difference, really, is that it has no egg and milk in it, which might also be helpful for the lactose intolerant folks out there.

2,000 Greggs branches will stock the new vegan doughnut, according to Metro, where they will cost 60p each or £1 for two. And since we're doing vegan week, I'm going to head out and see whether there are any in the several branches near me and see what they're like. [Metro]