Heathrow Starts Segregating Chinese Arrivals as Coronavirus Threat Ramps Up

By Gary Cutlack on at

We're about to start seeing coronavirus menace stories in the UK press, as Heathrow Airport is preparing to make arrivals from the affected area of China stand in a whole separate room by themselves, juuuust in case.

Oh there's nothing to worry about, they say now, as it's simply a precautionary measure. Panic won't start for a fortnight at least. The move is being matched by Public Health England, which has done a very English thing and upgraded the threat posed to us by the newfound virus from "very low" to merely "low." To put that into context, it's about as worrying to us right now as someone looking like they might sit next to you on a train.

People on direct flights from the virus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan may be feeling significantly more worried and besieged, mind, as they'll be greeted in a separate area of Terminal 4, away from other travellers. This move is being backed by the transport secretary, and separate measures are being worked upon by the health secretary to further fasten-up the ports. [Guardian]