Yes, Ed Sheeran Had a Cameo in The Rise of Skywalker Too

By Julie Muncy on at

Did you know Ed Sheeran was in this movie? No? Well, okay, honestly that’s probably a good thing. But he is there! So are a lot of other people; the Disney trilogy of Star Wars films hasn’t been shy about folding in cute cameos. And while some were pretty obvious, there are at least a couple that you almost certainly missed.

In a new post on the Oh My Disney promotional blog, Disney runs down some of the things you might have missed in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, including the aforementioned cameos. First off, did you know John Williams was in the movie, marking his first cameo in a Star Wars film? While on the bar in Kimji, he appears briefly in the background as a bearded bartender named Oma Tres. Which is an anagram of “Maestro.” Cute!

Then there’s Ed Sheeran. He plays, uh, this guy:

Ed Sheeran???

Who is that? I… don’t know. No name is given. He’s a Resistance alien. Hey, at least it’s a less obtrusive cameo than Sheeran’s uncanny, reality-shattering appearance on Game of Thrones. In other music news, Nigel Godrich, famed English record producer and Radiohead collaborator, plays a Stormtrooper. Neat.