HMRC Offers £100,000 Crypto-Tracing Bounty/Contract

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our boring old tax inspectors are looking to do a better job of tracking transactions made in modern crypto currencies, with a new job posting offering a £100,000 contract to anyone who can fulfill the role of crypto-asset blockchain analysis provider.

They want a nice hacker or a rogue administrator, basically, one able to help them assist in the "...closure of intelligence gaps in the use of crypto-assets in supporting criminal activity against HMRC," which means finding a better and more proveable method of linking transactions with the people or businesses making them, as the promise of anonymity when using virtual currencies is fuelling the rise of crypto monies in tax evasion and money laundering.

HMRC seems to be hoping someone can magic up a solution to crypto anonymity via a nice little app for their company iPhones, and is asking for: "...a tool that will support intelligence gathering methods to identify and cluster Cryptoasset transactions into linked transactions and identify those linked to Cryptoasset service providers." [GOV via TNW]