Impossible Now Makes Pork From Plants

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Lovers of sausage who also happen to be vegetarians rejoice! Impossible Foods just announced a new product: pork. And thanks to the new fake pork, there’s also sausage.

It’s not real pork, of course. The new ground meat substitute is plant-based, just like the fake ground beef that made Impossible famous. In fact, the entire proposition of Impossible Pork is quite similar to that of Impossible Beef. It’s designed to look like ground pork, cook like ground pork, and of course, taste like ground pork.

Some might say that Impossible is simply introducing a new flavour of its celebrated fake meat. That might be true, but the addition of anything resembling ground pork means that Impossible can start making all kinds of formerly carnivore-only food items like, well, dumplings and sausage. In tandem with its announcing the new ground pork product, Impossible also announced a new line of plant-based sausages appropriately called Impossible Sausage.

As with the fake beef before it, the true test of Impossible Pork will arrive when we get the chance to eat the stuff. For a Gizmodo team, that will happen at CES, and we’ll follow up shortly with a full report on how pork-y the new Impossible Pork is.