Johnny Marr Joins Emergency No Time to Die Soundtrack Process

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hans Zimmer does not have vey much time to create a score for the next Bond movie, seeing as the film's out in April and he only got the call to do the score for it a couple of weeks ago, when Dan Romer's music work on No Time to Die went in the bin due to behind-the-scenes troubles with Eon Productions.

Zimmer was helicoptered in to the remote mountaintop studio on January 7 and the film's supposed to be out on April 6, so any old riffs Marr has to hand will be gratefully accepted. Marr told the NME: "Part of the legacy of the Bond films is iconic music, so I'm very happy to be bringing my guitar to No Time To Die."

Marr has been a go-to guy for Zimmer before, playing live with him and assisting in scoring Inception. He even has his own little page on Zimmer's fan portal. [NME via Guardian]