KFC is Giving Away Free Gravy to Combat Blue Monday - as if That's Going to Help

By Shabana Arif on at

Today is Monday. Blue Monday - the most miserable day of the year, supposedly. But KFC is going to turn it right around with a free pot of sauce. Bliss!

The Colonel's senility truly knows no bounds, as he twiddles his old money 'stache with a chuckle and declares "I say, I say, Blue Monday, begone," whilst proffering up a tiny tub o' gravy. "Oh thank you, kind sir!" you reply, wiping away the streaming tears of joy from your face. "Forsooth, I didn't know true happiness 'til now."

That's exactly what's going to happen to you today should you stroll into your local KFC - word for word, I imagine. The fast food chain is combating the completely fabricated Blue Monday taking place today with the promise of one regular portion of gravy. You don't even have to buy anything, making this offer even more nonsensical. This act of generosity is limited to one pot per person, so bear that in mind when considering what to use it for - whether it's chugging it down in one, or using it as a hand-warmer on this rather nippy day.

Given the plethora of food-based promos we see doing the rounds here at Giz UK, it definitely leans towards the stingy side of things, but if you're in a bind and don't want to spend any cash, I guess this is your lucky day. Pop in, ask for the “Blue Monday Gravy” offer, and you shall receive all the gravy they can cram into a very small pot. And you thought today was going to be depressing!