Landowners Give Buried Roman Fort to the Nation

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small and as yet unexplored part of Hadrian's Wall may soon be dug out, jazzed up and have a gift shop selling local fudges and wooden swords attached to it, as the owner of a parcel of land containing a Roman fort has handed control of it over to Historic England. Must be on the south side.

The owner of Carrawburgh Fort in Northumberland is now Historic England and its English Heritage offshoot, although there's not much to see at the moment as the ruins lie underground. That's on purpose, for protection, from the elements and furtive moonlit detectorists.

Duncan Wilson from Historic England is already getting his boots and trowel and little brush thing out in readiness, and said: "The fort represents a key part of the Roman frontier and is of outstanding archaeological significance. It has the potential to contribute significantly to our knowledge of the Roman Empire and to visitor enjoyment of the Wall." [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia