CES 2020: Leaked Photos Reveal Samsung's Upcoming Frameless 8K TV

By Kim Snaith on at

Samsung make some excellent TVs, but the latest that's set to be announced may be the most enviable yet. Images leaked by German website 4kfilme show a glorious 8K QLED TV, but one that's devoid of any bezel. One of the images, showing the TV mounted flat to a wall (above) makes it look like a thin canvas print and it's glorious.

We already know that Samsung's next wave of 8K TVs will be among the first to be certified by the 8K association (8KA), a program set up to discern the quality of 8K TVs entering the market. In a press release sent out by Samsung earlier this week, the company revealed its partnership with 8KA as well as listing the features that the association assess when issuing certification. They look for true 8K resolution (7680x4320), a peak brightness that's greater than 600 nits, support for HDMI 2.1 and HVEC. Having certification from the 8KA means a TV set is easily identified as a premium 8K display. One would imagine the exorbitant price tag that comes with all these features would also give some kind of indication...

It's safe to assume that the leaked frameless TV, the model Q900T, will be among the first to receive the stamp of approval from the 8KA, so needless to say it'll be high end in performance as well as its sleek appearance.

It's very likely we'll find out more about Samsung's latest 8K offerings next week at CES in Las Vegas. If Samsung's previous Q9xx models are anything to go by, it's going to be one fantastic TV – but with a fantstically high price tag to match. [Slashgear]

All images: Samsung (via 4kfilme)