Lego's Announcing Some ISS News Tomorrow

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year we found out that Lego was bringing the International Space Station Project back from the death imposed by not being picked by the Lego Ideas committee. Then a couple of weeks ago we were informed of a German advert confirming a 1st February release date. Now Lego is teasing a big announcement that's coming tomorrow.

We can't gleam a whole lot of new information from this teaser, mainly because all we need to know are things like piece-count and price - both of which Lego will be keeping to itself until the proper announcement. But we can see that it's microfigure scale, and there seem to be the classic astronaut microfigures included in the set.

More news will no doubt be here by this time tomorrow, so let's just hope that it's not absurdly expensive. Oh and let's hope those solar panels are printed pieces, and don't need individual stickers.