London Launches its Own Gas & Electricity Provider

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor has pressed a large ceremonial plastic "on" switch today, designed to highlight the launch of London Power – a bespoke new electricity and gas provider for people in their small subdivisions of homes in the big city.

Well, it's not massively bespoke despite being described as a "different kind of energy company," as it's all powered by Octopus Energy, so is presumably only reselling the usual Octopus tariffs but through a new web site and perhaps with a few pence shuffled from one column to another so it appears to be offering something a little different.

The reason for perhaps going with London Power rather than simply choosing Octopus direct is that LP promises any profits it makes will be reinvested in social and environmental schemes across the city, perhaps doing a small amount of good on the backend. [London Power via Twitter]