Londoners Bail Out to Cheaper Climes Younger Than Ever

By Gary Cutlack on at

Londoners are growing tired of the cost of renting what used to be a garage, a hallway or an insulation cavity sooner than ever, with the average age of those leaving the capital to buy a home anywhere else falling to new lows.

Back in 2009, the average age of the London financial evacuee was 47 – now it's fallen to 39, as pressure to buy a bigger house, or at least live somewhere with rooms that can house a human and a cat and a chair all at the same time, forcing Londoners to abandon their galleries and their cycle hire schemes and their contactless lifestyles for somewhere... regional.

Things are so bad down there they're even considering the North now, with data crunched by estate agent Hamptons saying 13 per cent of Londoners who left the city in 2019 moved north; which isn't much, but is a huge increase on the mere one per cent who bravely explored the northern ends of the East and West Coast Main Lines when seeking a new home in 2009.

Aneisha Beveridge from Hamptons said: "Historically most homeowners leaving London did so for lifestage reasons and to take advantage of being able to buy a larger home, but for others, leaving London is the only way of getting onto the housing ladder." [Property Wire]