Malaysia is Enforcing its Return of Tonnes of Plastic Waste, Saying it's Not the World's Rubbish Dump

By Shabana Arif on at

The country's environment minister has reiterated that it's not the world's dumping ground for trash.

After announcing that it would be shipping back 3,300 tonnes of crap back to whence it came last year, Malaysia's environment minister Yeo Bee Yin has said that 3,737 tonnes (150 containers) have been returned since the Q3 last year, with another 110 containers expected to be sent back by mid-2020.

Of the 150 already shipped back, 42 made their way back to the UK, while nine will be incoming from the 110. The good news for Malaysia is that it didn't have to cover the shipping costs; according to Yeo Bee Yin, it was covered by importers and the shipping liners.

The next phase will see the Malaysian government put its plan to clamp down on the illegal imports of plastic into action, after 60 containers stuffed full of contaminated waster were smuggled into illegal processing facilities.

"If people want to see us as the rubbish dump of the world, you dream on," the minister said. [Sky News]

Feature image credit: Sky News