McDonald's is Flogging Its Big Mac Special Sauce in Personal-Sized Pots Next Month

By Shabana Arif on at

The restaurant chain will almost certainly be guilty of breaching the peace somewhere in this age of social media fast food fisticuffs.

Prepare to go to war on February 12, when McDonald's is giving customers in the UK and Ireland the chance to buy 50ml pots of its famous Big Mac Special Sauce. A penny per ml seems pretty fucking steep but we all know you'll trot off and buy as many pots as you can stuff into your pockets, and get happily ripped off with a smile.

The sauce pots will have a limited run, of course, because where's the fun in making you think you don't have to club your fellow man to death in order to get one? There's no end date - it's just as long as supplies last, which won't be very long. There also appears to be no limit on how many pots can be sold per person, with McDonald's only saying that it's "expected to quickly sell-out with restaurant staff prepped for bulk orders and big queues."

So you can wait at the front of the queue, drop a fat wad of cash, and walk out with the entire restaurant's supply of sauce pots, it seems. But good luck making it out of the door. If there's not at least a few reports of allegedly normal people losing their shit over a dab of burger sauce, I'll be amazed. And as if to dissuade people from spending obscene amounts of money on eBay to get hold of one (like this bottle that went for £65,900), the press release very clearly states that the pots have a seven-day shelf life.

McDonald's gets off on toying with its customers' proclivity for sauces, bringing the Szechuan Sauce back for spell in 2018 thanks to a Rick & Morty episode. And that didn't lead to a slew of obnoxious outbursts in various chains across the US, so I'm sure this'll be fiiiine.