McDonald's Tried to Get You to Use Its Lame App With the Promise of Free Fries Every Friday

By Shabana Arif on at

The fast food giant is hoping the prospect of free food will have you downloading its app that's garnered a staggering amount of one star reviews on the Google Play Store.

Free Fries Friday is just one of the many offers that McDonald's App users will be able to partake in over the course of the month; that's if you manage to get the bloody thing to work. Despite a recent swell of poor reviews on the Play Store and reports of customers being charged multiple times when placing an order via the iPhone app, the restaurant is determined to drive customers to use it, and has brought a bearded behemoth of a man on board to tell you how much he has in common with a french fry as part of a tenuous tie-in with the promotion.

Marler joins a list of other celebrities whose existence I've also only learned about via a PR email that have all come on board at some stage to get you to use the McDonald's App. Such shining stars include "world-famous" magician Julius Dein, a couple of people from Love Island (which is top tier telly apparently), another YouTuber (Emmanuel 'Manny' John Brown), Susie Dent from Countdown (ha! I know that one), and Lethal Bizzle who kills the streak of names and people I recognise.

The ‘Appy Days promotion will be offering App customers 24 deals over 23 days, including vegetarian and vegan options. It's worth noting that overall, the app has a rating of almost four stars on the Play Store and four and a half on the App Store, so clearly not everyone is having a shitty time with it. It's worth checking out the most recent negative ones though, to make sure you avoid the possibility of getting charged for your order more than once.