McDonald's McDelivery is Coming to Just Eat so Now We Can All Get in on the McAction

By Shabana Arif on at

I don't think I've been this happy since the day I had my baby. It was a food baby. Still counts.

McDonald's McDelivery has been a thing since 2017 here in the UK, rolling out in Ireland a year later - not that all of us could enjoy the delights of having a Big Mac and fries (or Filet-O-Fish in my case because Big Macs suck) delivered. Uber Eats has had the monopoly on McDonald's delivery despite only serving an abysmal 22 locations in the country. It seems that someone has finally come to their senses at the Big M and thought to expand McDelivery to the rest of us, bringing Just Eat into the McDelivery fold.

Just Eat's list of UK towns and cities is exhaustive enough that I don't have the time to sit here counting them. What I do know is that they deliver to my door and probably to yours too. The company made the announcement in its post-close trading update, sharing the news that it's become McDonald's "second exclusive delivery partner for McDelivery" in the UK and Ireland. The wording is a bit of a funny one, but we're assuming that McDelivery is still going to be available through Uber Eats in addition to Just Eat.

"We are delighted to announce that we have agreed to partner in the UK and Ireland with McDonald’s," said Peter Duffy, Just Eat’s Interim CEO. "This partnership, along with our recently announced relationship with Greggs, will require significant investment but will accelerate our growth ambitions and enhance our market position by offering our customers the widest choice available.”

So just a reminder there that you can get Greggs delivered to your door too - maybe even give that vegan steak bake a whirl.

There's no word on an actual date, and the McDonald's website still only lists Uber Eats for now, but the vague window is 2020 which is about as helpful as it sounds.

Update: Despite what the Uber Eats website says, the delivery service is actually operating in 130 towns and cities across the county which is miles better than just 22. Still not in mine though. Humph!