McDonald's is Giving its Spicy Nugs a Send-Off With a Special Price of Just 99p

By Shabana Arif on at

It's the final week for McDonald's Spicy Nuggets and you can get them for 99p for today only - but you have to use the McDonald's App.

The restaurant's App has mixed reviews, although it seems that it's just a bit shit overall. McDonald's is desperately trying to entice its customers to use it though, with various App-exclusive offers like free fries every Friday throughout the rest of the month, and this one.

Spicy nugs have been a limited time McDonald's menu item for a while now, popping on and off the menu at whim. The last time we saw them was last August, and not being a frequenter of the fast food chain, I assumed they'd simply been a staple this whole time. But no - they were only reintroduced on January 2, and now they're already buggering off.

You can usually pick up six for £3.19, nine for £3.49, or 20 for £4.99. Last year, I indulged with a box of 20 and meh... they're alright. They're apparently made "with a specially developed recipe" with the tobasco dip as an added kick for those who want to up the spice. As I recall, the nugs themselves were definitely not spicy and the dip tasted like a watered down, cheap tomato sauce. There was nothing spicy about it. I still ate my way through most of it though because battered chicken nugs are still tasty, and the crisp coating was a delight - of somewhat disappointingly bland.

The offer only applies to six nugs, and you have until midnight to make good on it. The deals will keep on coming throughout the month as part of the push to get people using the App.