A New Patent for the Next Apple Pencil Has Surfaced With Touch-Sensitive Features

By Shabana Arif on at

Apple could be launching the next iteration of its stylus with the ability to recognise gestures.

The patent for a "touch-based input for stylus" popped up this week, and describes a touch sensor "such as a capacitive sensing device" being integrated into the Pencil "in a low profile form". It'll also be able to distinguish between your chubby little fingers just holding it, and actual gestures, which is handy because who wants that?

Apple's current second-gen Pencil has a double-tapping feature so the new gesture controls seem to be a natural evolution of this, although the existence of a patent is no guarantee that we'll see it realised. Last month, for example, we saw a patent for a stylus with haptic feedback designed to simulate the sensation of "drawing on a textured surface" using the tip of the Pencil.

Stuffing one or both of these features into the Pencil will no doubt see the the £119 price point jump up a bit, but if you're already a devotee of Apple's stylus, we doubt you'll balk too much at the prospect of handing over more cash for these additions. [Pocket-lint]