KitKat's Posh Senses Range is Getting Three New Flavours

By Shabana Arif on at

KitKat's luxury line of chocolatey bars is getting three new flavours starting this week, available exclusively at Asda and Morrisons.

Soon you'll be able to get your lips around salted caramel, millionaire’s shortbread, and choc chip cookie dough to dip into your cuppa. Salted caramel might seem familiar, as it's already sitting in the existing range alongside hazelnut, and double chocolate, but aside from the insides looking different between the two, the new bars are being sold in a two-finger format, like a regular KitKat, rather than the slightly more elegantly single format, packaged to look like one long bar.

Inside the bar, you'll find a "thick creamy filling that includes either salted caramel flakes (salted caramel), crunchy caramel pieces (millionaire’s shortbread) or choc chip cookie pieces (choc chip cookie dough)," so it does sound different to the current Senses range which is a stack of wafers with the respective flavour sitting on top.

The chocolate bars are being churned out in Nestlé's York factory and the company has spent £800,000 on new machinery specifically to make them. Jesus. Richard Martin, Nestlé confectionery technical manager, said the machinery has strengthened operations in the UK and has given Nestlé "additional capabilities for the future.” Yes, you'd bloody hope so. Sinking that much cash into machines that are only used for these three chocolate bars would be ridiculous.

You'll be able to find them at Asda and Morrisons as they roll out this week, and they'll eventually make their way to other retailers later this year.