New Type of KitKat Alert

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a reason to leave the house and go on a fun little treasure hunt in a couple of weeks' time: Nestle's treating us to a new type of KitKat in early February.

It is the KitKat Gold, a supposedly more stylish (?) snack option, although it may be marginally less healthy and slightly more sugary, as they've gone and purposefully ignored healthy eating advice to add caramel flavours to the classic four-finger bars that may or may not be trademarked by now. Hence the gold.

There's some weird business going on with the chocolate casing too, as our detailed analysis of the render reveals:

It's a milk chocolate base blending into a white chocolate top. Clever science, there, probably from NASA. Queue up outside your nearest indie Nisa or Co-op on launch day, February 3, if you want to get the exclusive first taste mouth-on review out to your fans. [Talking Retail]