CES 2020: OnePlus's Concept Phone Features a Disappearing Rear Camera

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month OnePlus announced that it would be showing off a concept phone at CES, marking the first time the company developed a phone that people could see and never buy. Well CES is literally just days away, and we're getting our first glimpse at what this phone has to offer - and it includes a rear camera with disappearing lenses.

OnePlus has started teasing the phone ahead of a proper debut, and one of the highlighted features is the special glass that covers the back camera array. It's made from the same glass used by McLaren in sunroofs and aeroplane windows, and changes tint when exposed to an electrical signal. In other words the camera lenses are hidden behind a blackened pieces of glass that turns transparent on command - ie. when the camera app is opened.

Sadly the disappearing part does not mean the entire lens array will vanish into the phone - as you may find on some sliding phones that are already on the market. That had me wondering what the point was, until I remembered this isn't a phone people will be able to buy. So it's basically just a case of "look what we can do".

There's bound to be plenty more news on the OnePlus concept over the next week or so, and the company itself has already started teasing it on Twitter. Hopefully that means the disappearing lenses are just a taste of the fancy things and gimmicks this phone has to offer.