OnePlus Basically Confirms That the OnePlus 8 Will Have Wireless Charging After All

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus has been hesitant to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon, but things are a-changing over there as the company makes a move that seems to confirm it's had a change of heart.

When the OnePlus 6T launched without wireless charging capability in 2018, CEO Pete Lau said the reason was because it was just too slow. While OnePlus could have easily made it a feature, he said that it wasn't at the level he wanted in terms of "driving value for the users and their device experience." Fair point.

Last year's OnePlus 7 was also limited to wired charging, with Lau once again making his opinion on the technology very clear, saying, "wireless charging is far inferior" to the company's existing fast-charging tech. Rumours started surfacing at the tail end of last year that we might just see OnePlus adopt wireless charging for its upcoming OnePlus 8 and now it seems there's some truth to that.

It seems that the Chinese tech giant is now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium. It's listed on the website even, bold as brass:

Image credit: Wireless Power Consortium

That doesn't necessarily mean that we'll get wireless charging on the OnePlus 8, but it certainly bolsters the rumours that this will be the case. So either Lau is happy with the current state of affairs with the tech, or OnePlus has developed its own solution. We're expecting the phone to launch in May, given the release window of its last two flagships, but the company is usually very open about new features coming to its phone, so we may see Lau straight up tell us before then. [Trusted Reviews]