Party Guests Shocked by Freak 20cm Asda Onion Ring

By Gary Cutlack on at

One pack of Asda brand onion ring crisps contained a massive surprise for the buyer, as something had clearly gone wrong with the maize reconstitution machine's outlet nozzle in the production facility, resulting in the formation of an enormous onion ring the size of a small banana. And it made it into the bag. An enquiry surely must be launched.

Sadly, the images of the freak crunchy snack have been taken by the sort of photographic agency that would quite rightly complain if we stole them without paying, so you'll have to go to the Daily Record to have a look at the freak crisp in detail. The one where it's atop a bowl of normal rings for comparison is the highlight. We would've used that one at the top of the page.

Hang on, though, embedding a tweet may circumvent the rights issue:

Complain to Twitter, not us. We are merely displaying material posted by a third-party. We can probably get away with copying the stunned-consumer quotes, though, as crisp-finder Janine Ross said: "We were at a birthday party when I found it, every [one] was shocked and just started laughing hysterically. We weren't expecting one that size, we have quite a few packets a month and they are usually the regular 'o' shape – but this one was huge." [Daily Record]