Pineapple Jaffa Cakes are a Thing Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you've ever been down the world foods aisle in the big supermarkets, you've probably seen a selection of polish treats that are essentially Jaffa Cakes in different flavours. Raspberry, Blueberry, Cherry, and more flavours McVities doesn't make for us here. One flavour you wouldn't see there is pineapple, so McVities has picked up the slack and introduced that in its own range to complement the wacky non-orange flavours it already sells.

The new tropically-flavoured Jaffa Cakes are a limited edition, but presumably if they sell well they'll end up with a permanent space on the shop shelves - that's what happened with Strawberry and Lime, after all. The only downside is that you'll have to go to Morrisons if you want to buy some, though you will be able to pick up a few packs online if you'd rather physically shop elsewhere.

They're £1 for a pack of ten, which isn't ideal, but that's what you're supposed to pay when Jaffa Cakes aren't on offer. We've all clearly been spoiled by being able to get a 10 pack of orange ones for 50p.

No word on how long these will be sticking around for, so make sure to grab a pack while you can. Otherwise they may disappear and you'll have to see if anyone will sell you a pack on eBay. [Metro]