Quorn Adds Carbon Footprint Stats to UK Packs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yet another reason to associate eating with guilt is about to be provided by the maker of Quorn, as it's adding details of how much carbon is produced during the creation of its minced fungus protein delicacy to the products' packaging.

Clearly Quorn think it's onto a winner here, as the alt-protein is produced in tanks right here in the UK here, no grass is consumed or trees cut down during the process, and as far as we are aware the fermentation and creation of the meat substitute does not involve the things that make it or turn themselves into it doing any farts.

Packs of Quorn sold in the UK will therefore soon feature a carbon dioxide equivalent rating, with the maker giving us the entirely meaningless example of 1.3 kg CO2e (per kg) on its explanation. Presumably that's a good and low and very stable and unbeatable number when compared with pork and lamb and beef, else it wouldn't be making such a thing about it and doing a dance about it to attract our attention to it.

Peter Harrison from Quorn Foods thinks we all understand our CO2e calculations as if they're taught at school or on the telly all the time, and said: "This is about giving people the information needed to make informed decisions about the food they eat and the effect it has on our planet's climate – in the same way that nutrition information is clearly labelled to help inform decisions on health." [Quorn via Treehugger]